Episode 1: There’s No Place Like Home? / Part 1

Sherman Crowe knew that this apartment was going to be a tough sell to his mother Audra. Audra was used to nothing but the best, and she refused to settle for less. There were no other sounds than his words and the click of his mother designer heels through the apartment. 

Growing up Audra had been taught that when you have nothing nice to say you don’t say anything at all. So she responded the best way she could in this moment: “Hmph.”

Sherman Crowe was ready to get out and make a life and name for himself separate of his wildly successful parents Audra, a legendary game developer, and Mathias Crowe, a brilliant neurosurgeon, and his equally successful sister Cora, a pioneering surgeon in maternal fetal medicine. Sherman wasn’t as tech savvy as his family, and he preferred a more natural lifestyle which was why he was studying plant science in school. His father wasn’t thrilled with the decision but his mother whole heartedly supported his dreams, just not the move.


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