Episode 1: There’s No Place Like Home? / Part 6

Sherman is trying to write a paper for his history class, but Sherman HATES history. Who cares what a bunch of dead white guys did 200 years ago? To be honest, if it was about the history of a scientific breakthrough he’d be more interested, but there would never be a time in his career it would be necessary to talk about the war time achievements of Admiral Landgraab.

He still didn’t want to half ass this assignment though, so Sherman decided to get out and stretch his legs at the San Myshuno Old City Hall. It was a good thing he did…

Sherman couldn’t believe that he bumped into Angela! After moping for a week here she was in one of his favorite places in the city!

Sherman wasn’t expecting her to say yes to coffee, let along right now. He is not going to waste his shot! [high five if you sang it]


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