Meet Penny & Flo!

When I’m not playing the Sims I’m playing the puzzle game Penny&Flo by Tactile Games on my phone. I downloaded it to pass the time and next thing I knew I was on level 708. The story is so engrossing you literally get lost in it. The story behind it is that Penny is a 20-something bride to be who is designing her “dream wedding” with her best friend Flo, a 40-something wedding designer; but Penny gets cold feet and decides to take one last road trip before the big day and Flo is down with that plan! Penny and Flo take a car that Flo had rented for the wedding and the besties Thelma and Louise it out of there… only to crash into a dilapidated and seemingly abandoned mansion. The mansion is NOT abandoned though! The owner is a former actress 80(maybe 90?)-something Daphne who was a major film star in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Daphne decides not to call the cops if Penny and Flo fix up their mess, and a little bit more.

Throughout the gameplay you’re introduced to a bunch of characters including Penny’s fiancé Butch, Flo’s husband Ted, a biker named Dave and Daphne’s daughter and the villain of the story, Violet.

Through a few of the scenes Penny and Flo joke about starting their own interior decorating business so I figured that plus the Sims team releasing Dream Home Decorator equals the Universe telling me to bring Penny and Flo to the Sims! I’m imaging that Penny & Flo have opened that business and will be navigating that new world while trying to balance their home lives. Check out some of the characters below!

Now that she’s left Butch, Penny Thompson is looking forward to getting to know herself! Who is Penny? What does Penny like? What does Penny not like? What does Penny’s future look like? Penny doesn’t know how to answer any of these questions, but with her friend Flo at her side maybe Penny might be able to figure it out in time to not lose her chance with Officer Mike Jones….
Flo Williams gave up wedding planning to go back to interior designing and started her own business “Go With The Flo” that she co-runs with her friend Penny Thompson. Flo and her husband Ted had found some common ground, but now they’ve slipped back into old routines and Flo isn’t sure that she wants to fix it this time. Will Flo be able to continue to balance her home life while growing her new business or is it finally time to call her marriage quits…
Daphne Hollingsworth has one more item on her bucket list, a huge Hollywood party. That party won’t be just any party, but a premiere party! Daphne plans to grace the silver screen one more time before she is ready to meet again with her love, Calvin. Daphne hopes that Penny and Flo have one more adventure in them she’ll need all the help she can get! Who’s “help” she’s not looking forward to, her daughter dearest, Violet…
As a child, the only thing that Violet Hollingsworth craved was her mother’s attention; now as an adult she wants her mother’s fortune. It’s too late to “fix” their relationship, her mother will be dead soon, but before that can happen Violet wants to take away the very thing that kept her mother from her.

I feel like I haven’t been this excited for a pack in awhile! I know some Game Changers are reporting that it’s super buggy right now, but I mean duh… It’s Sims 4… Can’t expect that team to do much right, but I digress. I’m wicked excited for the new items, the new career, and being able to play as Penny and Flo!

The original characters are property of Tactile Games, this is a fan fiction.

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  1. Hello Cherice! Here at Tactile Games, we were delighted to read your article! Thank you for dedicating us this awesome blog post and creating Sims avatars for our main characters. You did so well 🙂 We would love to have your e-mail address and get the opportunity to say thank you properly!

    Tactile Games Team

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