St Gabriel’s Church

In addition to it’s Sunday Services, St. Gabriel’s Church of Brindleton Bay also hosts a flea market every Saturday to help support local businesses, artists, and crafters!

I personally don’t attend church very often for reasons I won’t get into on a download post, but I do love a good church bazaar and that was the idea behind this build! My favorite Sims 4 family, the Flores, are CEOs, they attend Christmas and Easter Only for services, but you’ll frequently find them at church for the flea market or other church hosted social events. St. Gabriel’s is an essential part of their Brindleton Bay and I hope your sims enjoy it as well!

Happy Simming!

πŸ’œ Type: Community Space
πŸ’œ Size:  40×30
πŸ’œ Cost: 63,524
πŸ’œ Bathrooms: Unisex
πŸ’œ World: Brindleton Bay
πŸ’œ Packs: Eco Living, Seasons, Cat & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Realm Of Magic, Strangerville, Vampires, Spa Day, Backyard Stuff, Movie Hangout, Perfect Patio, Kids Room Stuff, Toddler Stuff
πŸ’œ No CC, No ads, nevah evah


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2 thoughts on “St Gabriel’s Church

  1. I recently got into making Community Spaces myself, and they are now my favorite lot type! They make the neighborhood feel so alive! Gorgeous lot!

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