Little Asia

Unable to book that trip to Mt Komorebi? Come on our culinary journey here at Little Asia and experience authentic dishes from across the Far East

When Snowy Escape came out my sim, CJ Flores, really wanted to go to Mt. Komorebi but couldn’t afford the trip and wasn’t able to con his parents into sending him to he went to Little Asia instead. I ended up scrapping that storyline but I still shared the build. Eventually it found it’s way into my Wizard of Oz save and is now frequented by Sherman and his crew! This is meant to replace the Planet Honey Pop karaoke lot in San Myshuno.

The menu is a collection of the various East Asian inspired dishes found in the game, so it heavily relies on City Living and Snowy Escape.

Be sure to enable bb.moveobjects on BEFORE placing. This has been playtested πŸ’œ

Happy Simming!

πŸ’œ Type: Restaurant
πŸ’œ Size: 30×20
πŸ’œ Cost: 99,755
πŸ’œ Bathrooms: Unisex
πŸ’œ World: San Myshuno
πŸ’œ Packs: Snow Escape, Eco Living, Island Living, Get Famous,. City Living. Get Together, Get To Work, Jungle Adventures, Dine Out , Spa Day, Bowling Night, Perfect Patio
πŸ’œ No CC, No ads, nevah evah


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