The Pink Lady Diner

You don’t come here for fancy food, and dΓ©cor, you come here for a cheap and delicious burgers and the rockin’ Ritchie Valens tunes on the jukebox! Come let’s go pretty darlin’ to The Pink Lady Diner!

Can you tell I watched La Bamba while I built this lot? I figured that Brindleton Bay needed a place like this, a diner down by the docks that’s been around for awhile but still beloved by all generations who’ve passed through here. This diner is designed in the style of the classic American diner and the menu is “Classic American” burgers fries etc. In my personal game play I have LittlBowBub’s Milkshakes on the menu and I HIGHLY suggest you add them as well!

Be sure to enable bb.moveobjects on BEFORE placing. This has been playtested πŸ’œ

Happy Simming!

πŸ’œ Type: Restaurant
πŸ’œ Size:Β  20×15
πŸ’œ Cost: 56,469
πŸ’œ Bathrooms: Unisex
πŸ’œ World: Brindleton Bay
πŸ’œ Packs: Eco Living, Get Famous, Cats&Dogs, City Living, Get Together Get To Work, Strangerville. Dine Out, Spa Day. Outdoor Retreat, Moschino Stuff, Bowling Night, Spooky Stuff, Cool Kitchen
πŸ’œ No CC, No ads, nevah evah


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