The Police Station

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The Police Station – Not much to say here it’s a renovation of the police station!

Picture it, Boston 2019 it’s Mother’s Day and I wake up to a brand new gaming laptop! My two wonderful children and the IRS, after delaying my tax refund, figured I deserved it, so I purchased it the night before, wrapped it up and gave it to the kids to surprise me with it. The very first thing I did with it? Purchase Strangerville, stick with me there’s a point here I promise. It had been months that I had played Sims and Strangerville was the first game pack I decided to explore, why? Let’s blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol. But I digress.

I create this sim and roll the name Christopher Flores, and I say to myself, you’re cute let’s do things and after several days we had cleared the Strangerville mystery. I like Chris he’s a fun sim so I figure he’d be my super sim, I was going to do everything with him, after having him “honorably discharged” from the military I decide to walk through the Get To Work Detective career with him. And boy did I hate that police station. Thus I made this one, and it was ebcause I renovated this police station that I was able to watch as Chris climbed through the ranks eventually becoming Chief of Police.

Why did I tell this story? Because I just watched a ton of Golden Girls and wanted to have a Sophia Petrillo moment. Enjoy the station!

Be sure to enable bb.moveobjects on BEFORE placing. This has been playtested 💜

Happy Simming!

💜 Type: Police Station
💜 Size:  40×30
💜 Cost: 248,663
💜 Bathrooms: Unisex
💜 World: The Police Station Active lot
💜 Packs: City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Discover University, Strangerville, Dine Out, Spa Day, Moschino Stuff, Fitness Stuff, Cool Kitchen
💜 No CC, No ads, nevah evah


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