Newcrest Swap Meet

Community spaces are quickly becoming one of my favorite lots to build! My last one was my church St. Gabriel’s and that’s now one of my most visited lots across all my saves. I wanted another marketspace so I created this one for Newcrest, most of the stalls are decorated and have certain themes. There’s a book stall, woodworking, Christmas, crystals, knitting, country kitchen decor, clothes, voidcritters and more! It’s a great lot if you’d like to use it just for storytelling, but it’s also functional and I left a few empty tables so your sim can set up shop if you’d like sell your sims goods here!

This lot has been playtested and is functional. Deco Sims are not included in the download but can be found browsing this tag. I mixed and matched a few so Iā€™m not sure what is exactly was used. 

Here’s some screenshots:

This has been playtested šŸ’œ

Happy Simming!

šŸ’œ Type: Community Space
šŸ’œ Size:  40×30
šŸ’œ Cost: $67,100
šŸ’œ Bathrooms: 1 Stall
šŸ’œ World: Newcrest
šŸ’œ Packs: Eco Lifestle, Get Famous, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Jungle Adventure, Vampires, Country Kitchen, Nifty Knitting, Moschino, Backyard, Kid’s Room, Cool Kitchen, Holiday
šŸ’œ No CC, No ads, nevah evah


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