Wizard Of Oz

I found this here but the page seems to be down. I’m saving it here for myself and for anyone who may be interested in doing the challenge. All credit to the original creator weehaunds on the Sims Community Social

The Challenge!

Each generation will have its own rules and goals to work towards, but there are no rules/stipulations for the beginning. Choose any lot, any world, if you want to use the Free Real estate cheat, go for it! I wanted this to be challenging, but not militant, it still needs to be fun! Hope you guys like it!

Gen 1 – Scarecrow

Being indoors is boring, right? Why confine yourself in a box, when you can embrace nature and all the beauty it possesses. Gardening has always been your passion and you have honed your skill to perfection. It’s your primary source of income, alongside fishing. You don’t see the point in bagging yourself a “job�? when you make enough to get by. When you’re not fishing and gardening, you can usually be found playing chess. While you don’t really care what other people think, you value intelligence and like to show yours off.

Traits: Clumsy, Genius, Loves the Outdoors.

Aspiration: Freelance Botanist


  • Master the Gardening and Fishing Skills
  • Reach at least level 5 Logic skill
  • Master the Freelance Botanist Aspiration
  • If Outdoor Retreat is installed, reach level 5 of the Herbalism skill.


Gen 2 – Tin Man

Having been brought up in a very natural environment, the world of technology both terrifies and fascinates you. Computers, video games, phones, movies, you just can’t get enough! If you’re not programming and learning more about how all this electronic magic works, you’re gaming and chatting with your friends online. Technology is obviously a massive part of your life, but there’s one thing they cannot do…love you back. You know your soulmate is out there somewhere, but you are reluctant to take a chance for fear of having your heart broken.

Traits: Geek, Bro, Romantic

Aspiration: Computer Whiz


  • Master the Programming and Video Game skills.
  • No romance until you are AT LEAST halfway through the Young Adult life stage!
  • Your soulmate should be a Sim who also has the “Geek�? trait.
  • Attend every GeekCon and Romance festival.
  • Have a core group of two or three friends (maybe start a club if Get Together is installed?) who you get together (geddit?) with once a week for a gaming night.
  • You may choose to either make your living via the Tech Guru career or by making apps/video games and doing freelance work with the programming skill. Up to you!


Gen 3 – Cowardly Lion

You have always been super close with your family. Being apart from them for any length of time is extremely stressful for you and you struggle to form relationships with people outside of them. Trying new things and going to new places terrifies you. To try and overcome this, you start collecting things to give you a reason and reward for facing your fears. Gradually, with the help and support of your family, you manage to gain a bit more independence in your life.

Traits: Loner, Good, Lazy (If Outdoor Retreat is installed, Lazy may be substituted for Squeamish if you like!)

Aspiration: Curator


  • Complete the Curator Aspiration.
  • Complete any 3 collections of your choosing.
  • Privately marry someone you originally met in Grade School.
  • Become best friends with a parent or sibling.
  • No leaving the house on your own until you reach the adult lifestage – a family member or your SO must be with you at all times until then.
  • Join the Social Media career and choose the “Work from Home�? option for every shift. Remember, if the daily task requires you to leave the house, someone must go with you until you are an adult! You do not have to master the career, it is purely to maintain income.


Gen 4 – Dorothy

You’re a daydreamer. Imagination is unmatched and you use it to your full potential. As your parent’s life has been so severely affected by their fears of the world, they always encourage you to explore new places and meet new people. You make friends easily and are the life of every party.

Traits: Cheerful, Childish, Family Oriented

Aspiration: Friend of the World


  • Master the Charisma Skill & Singing Skills
  • Master the Friend of the World Aspiration
  • Go on vacation at least once for every lifestage from teen onwards.
  • Adopt a dog, max your relationship with it and take it everywhere with you. EVERYWHERE!
  • Complete the Postcards collection.


Gen 5 – Glinda

Your life is all about helping people. You’ll do anything for anyone and making others happy is always your main goal. As a child, you noticed that people smiled more and seemed more cheerful in general whenever music was playing. As a result of this, you’ve picked up every instrument you can get your hands on and can usually be found jamming away to some tune or other, serenading the world around you.

Traits: Cheerful, Good, Music Lover.

Aspiration: Musical Genius


  • Join the Doctor career as a Young Adult and quit halfway through the Adult life stage. (Doesn’t matter what level you get to.)
  • If you would still prefer to have a job after quitting the Doctor career, join the Entertainer career, but this is not mandatory.
  • Master 2 instruments of your choosing.
  • Busk in a public place, for at least 2 hours, every day.


Gen 6 – Wicked Witch 

For as long as you can remember, you’ve always been told to put others first. Help people, think of their needs, make others happy…but what about you? Your parents are always out trying to help the world, but do they ever help you? Nope. Do you not matter as much as the rest of the world? This chip on your shoulder only gets bigger as you get older and you decide that you actually couldn’t care less about the world and the people in it. Your goal in life is happiness and success. For YOU. No one else. YOU.

Traits: Evil, Jealous, Mean.

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim


  • As a child or teenager, acquire a Ruby and keep it for the rest of your life. It will be your prized possession.
  • Master the Renaissance Sim Aspiration
  • As a part of the Aspiration, you need to join 3 careers throughout your life. If you have Get to Work installed, one of those 3 careers MUST be the Scientist one. The other two are up to you! If you don’t have GTW installed, you have total freedom with career choices!
  • Master the Mischief skill.
  • Never miss the Humour & Hijinks Festival!
  • You can’t have a flying monkey BUT if you have Cats & Dogs installed, adopt a cat.
  • Bind a voodoo doll to one of your parents…that’ll teach ‘em to care about others and not you!


Gen 7 – Wizard!

You don’t care about doing things the right way, you do you. Your upbringing wasn’t the happiest, so you have a lil chip on your shoulder about it. You get through life cheating, stealing you don’t really care who you hurt. You’re just trying to survive, the only way you know how. You unexpectedly end up with a child which was NOT part of your plan, but as you do with everything, you get on with it.

Traits: Hates Children, Kleptomaniac, Noncommittal.

Aspiration: Public Enemy


  • Master the Criminal Career
  • Master the Public Enemy Aspiration
  • Reach at least level 5 of the Programming skill
  • Participate in some form of hacking every day.
  • Make 2 enemies.
  • Have only ONE child via one night stand. As soon as the child is born, both they and the other parent must move in with you…ugh…now you have to look after others?
  • Just before your child becomes a teenager, their other parent moves out. No warning, no explanation, they’re gone. It’s just you and your kid.


Gen 8 – Over The Rainbow

The world can be so cruel, bad things happen all the time and it’s so easy to wallow and spend your life feeling sorry for yourself. You, however, are not the wallowing type. You are able to see the beauty in every situation and you pick up a paintbrush at every opportunity to capture that beauty. There is a colour for every emotion and you are ALL about the colour. Everyone expected you to go off the rails when your parents split up, but you threw all your feelings about it into your paintings. It was an horrific time for you, but you turned your talent and passion into coping tools and it paid off. Big time.


Traits: Art Lover, Creative, Perfectionist.

Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire


  • Make your outfits as colourful as possible!
  • Master the Painting Skill
  • Master the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration
  • You don’t have to have a career, you may just live off the income from your paintings, however if you would prefer to have a job, join either the Painter career or, if you have City Living installed, the Arts Branch of the Critic career.
  • Have at least two children, one of which must be adopted. You had a hard time as a kid, and you want to try to balance that out by making another kid’s life better.


Boq is the richest munchkin in Munchkinland, so this generation is gonna be all about dat money. This is also why I had to redo the Wizard generation because the two of them were gonna end up almost identical and that’s boring. We need variety!


Gen 9 – Boq

Your two passions in life, money and possessions. You are all about that swag. You love your family, but you mainly show it by showering them with gifts. You’re not a huggy, touchy-feely type. You want to be seen as one of the elite so you keep yourself in shape and you know that the richer you are, the higher standing you will have.

Traits: Materialistic, Self-Assured, Snob

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy


  • Master a career, any career, you get to choose! If you have GTW installed you may choose to open a business instead of getting a job.
  • Master the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration.
  • Master the Fitness skill
  • Encourage your children to get jobs as soon as they hit their teen years, you want them to be financially responsible adults.


Gen 10 – L. Frank Baum

The first time you read a book, were transported to the most magical worlds, met amazing people and creatures and your life was changed. As a child you were never seen without a book in your hand. When you hit your teen years, it occurred to you, why not have a go at writing your own book? And what better for inspiration, than your own family history? Your ancestors have been some interesting characters and you know that you’ll have plenty to write about. This becomes your life’s passion.


Traits: Bookworm, Creative, Genius

Aspiration: Bestselling Author


  • Master the Writing Skill
  • Master the Writer Career
  • Master the Bestselling Author aspiration.

Everything else is up to you, once these three goals have been accomplished, you will have completed The Wizard of Oz Legacy challenge!!! 


I hope you guys have as much fun with this challenge as I did making it! Also, I’ve never posted on here before so if the formatting is horrid, I can only apologise!


Happy Simming!