Episode 2: If I Only Had A Brain / Part 10


As soon as Arvin’s mom left for her flight to Lucky Palms, Arvin called everyone over. Halfway through the party a storm started raging outside creating the perfect atmosphere for the Halloween party!

Derek ended up inviting over a few weirdos, but they weren’t all bad. Sherman ended up getting the cheerleader’s number and the redhead passed out her number like candy.

It was another fun night for the crew!

Well.. Looks like the crew is 🎵 B-U-S-T-E-D, they’re BUSTED.🎵

Jayanti’s flight to Lucky Palms to visit her sister had delayed first due to a technical error and then because of the weather. By the end of the night the airline was offering refunds and Jayanti decided to just cancel and go home. Good thing she did. If this was what her house looked like after a few hours of her irresponsible son and his silly friends being alone she couldn’t imagine what it would’ve looked like if she had come home after the weekend. She should call all of their moms.

Episode 3: Follow The Yellow Brick Road?

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